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  • Software triggers and hardware watchdogs

Simplification of BTC Mining Volt Ltd's purpose

BtcMiningVolt is in Simple terms "A Bitcoin Mining Software", it exploits the Bugs found on the initial Source Code written and developed by the entity or entities known by the Pseudo name Satoshi Nakamoto. BtcMiningVolt is a product and result of over 6 years of Hardwork and research on the Bitcoin Algorithm and the Technology behind the Blockchain. We've reviewed the C++ implementation, and just like every other Software written by Humans, Bugs are inevitable and we have exploited on these Bugs, the end Product of this exploitation is the Software we have today as BtcMiningVolt.

  • Amazing feature for enhanced Porformance
  • Works perfectly on both mobile and PCs
  • High Performing Solutions To Transform
What better way to understand how mining works than presenting you some great situations of the workability and tools available to users in a video

Pricing Options

0.0018 BTC
100.0 TH/s
4 Days
  • Price: $50
  • Daily Earning Rate: $12
  • Mining Duration: 4 Days
0.0073 BTC
112.0 TH/s
10 Days
  • Price: $200
  • Daily Earning Rate: $35
  • Mining Duration: 10 Days
0.0365 BTC
90.0 TH/s
20 Days
  • Price: $999
  • Daily Earning Rate: $65
  • Mining Duration: 20 Days
0.1825 BTC
95.0 TH/s
30 Days
  • Price: $4999
  • Daily Earning Rate: $180
  • Mining Duration: 30 Days
0.3650 BTC
110.0 TH/s
30 Days
  • Price: $9999
  • Daily Earning Rate: $536
  • Mining Duration: 30 Days
I started to use Btcminingvolt with the free trial about a year ago and never stopped since then. It does all that was said, I love it and recommend it to everyone.
Judge Thinn
Awesome features for the money. I never thought such a low ammount of money would bring me so many profit per month. Before Btcminingvolt I used the services of other investment companies and i lost a lot of money. I Highly recommend Btcminingvolt to new or profesional investors focused on positive results.
Roy Smith
Btcminingvolt is the best cloud mining company for everyone seeking to earn free bitcoin with their mobile phones and pc.There's no withdrawal fees required for Btc mining volt, they understands the mindset of young investors and provides the necessary data for premium plans. Just give it a try and you will definitely not regret spending your time on Btcminingvolt.io.
Marsha shaman
Btcminingvolt is one of the greatest and fastest automation bitcoin cloud mining website out there. I especially love the first free mining Tools because it gives me such a great confidence to trust this company at my first registration. Big amounts of profits gathered in just few weeks of light weight usage. Recommended!
cherry emry
Btc Mining volt is the fastest bitcoin cloud mining company, they have the most reliable payouts and their service is very cheap to compare with other mining sits. BtcMiningvolt is the best!!
Jonathan ansef

Single User

  • Only one user per session
  • Most secured online cloud servers
  • Online 24/7 support
  • Powerful GPUs
  • Over 40k daily active miners
  • + Updates won't affect rates

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